Tuesday, December 31, 2013

God Won't Give You more Than You Can Handle.

"Never get mad at God for what He can put you through."

This year has tested my faith more than I will ever know. 2013 was definitely not my friend. It included several surgeries, hospital stays, and doctor appointments. I've been struggling a lot with everything that has been going on. I'll admit it is hard to trust God to take care of everything when it seems that nothing has ever gone right. It is something far beyond my understanding or anyone else's understanding. No matter what happens today, tomorrow or the next day. God's got this. He will save the day. My struggle is what makes me special and I am lucky God chose me out of everyone to live this fight everyday. No I don't like it nor am I happy about having to deal with this. Maybe he is just building up my strength for something even better. Something that is amazing and far beyond what I could ever expect. Look at the positives because of Him I will be okay and I just have to keep telling myself that. This fight is a battle that is so hard yet it is beautiful. My life is beautiful because it is turning out just the way God planned it to and he wants me to be thankful for all the opportunities in my life. Life is hard, yet it is so beautiful. <3

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