Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Up?

Well...I haven't really updated about Tyler's admission. They found out he has endocarditis of inflammation of the heart it is believed to be caused by the infected. He will be treated with antibiotics for 4-8+ weeks. They rescheduled his surgery for Tuesday. So on Tuesday he had surgery. They were able to do the AV fistulae and the broviac placement with no complications. His seventh major surgery was a success. After the surgery he was in pain, miserable, and in a mood. They realized he felt so bad because while he was in the OR he wasn't able to get his IV medications. Once they got him that he was better. They also gave him IV pain medication and covered his incision site. Out of sight out of mind right? Hopefully he will get to come home today. He wasn't supposed to be home till Friday but he is doing well. His supplies are here and should be home later tonight. I failed corn two days ago but I am still feeling the side effects. It should get better with time unless I am failing another food that I am eating. I have an appointment with the ENT next week. We will see what he says about my sinuses. I also have to get allergy shots and go to the orthodontist. I have some awesome news I am super excited about! We will be having a local Hope on the Horizon Walk. This walk is sponsored by APFED. We will be collecting money for the walk to raise funds for research for eosinophilic disorders. I am super excited! The last walk I raised 1200$ dollars. This year I want to raise 1500$ dollars. The walk is August 31st. Our team name is "The Food Fighters" if you are local and want to come walk with us please do! You can talk to my Mom or me about it. :) I am super excited and we've already started talking about everything and we just found out about the walk on Tuesday. Once Mom prints off the sheets I can go out and start collecting money. That's about it. I'm not sure if I am going to trail anything new or even what I would trial if I do trial something.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I have an allergy -- well actually quite a few
It ruins my life
Cuz' I have one too many!

When I eat something I am allergic to
my lips start tingling. I feel quite odd!
My brain is jingling.

My chest is a concrete block.
I struggle to breathe
and wheeze with every breath.

There is a stone in my throat.
I cough and hack and sneeze...
Ah Choo!

I touch my face and get quite a fright.
My face is a puffer fish!
It's all puffy and bright.

My skin is itchy and red.
I have hives all over
from head to toe.

It's odd to know
that when I decide to eat these evil sweet treats,
it hurts very very deep.

I dream of a meal...
A meal with
no questions, no doubt, no worries, nor fear.

Can someone please help me?