Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I could tell you the medical definition of Gastroparesis(GP)...but that wouldn't show you just how terrible it is.

GP is sitting in the bathroom puking your guts out. GP is going out to dinner and just ordering a drink. GP is spending holidays in the hospital. GP is falling asleep on the bathroom floor puking. GP is my worst enemy. GP is not being able to eat your own birthday cake. GP is the reason I look six months pregnant after eating. GP is the reason I sit at the dinner table hooked up to an IV pole watching my family eat dinner. GP is starving to eat but you can't. GP is why I have a hospital in my house. GP is starving to death. GP is trips to the emergency room at three in the morning. GP is why I lost my best friend. GP is constant nausea, tears, and pain. GP is like having the flu everyday of your life. GP is not being able to sleep because the pain is so bad. GP is the devil that stole my body. GP is having the simplest action taken away from you. GP is the reason the words "have you lost weight? You look so good!" aren't appealing anymore. GP is the reason I'm getting a treatment that is helping me survive but the complications will kill me. GP is putting your life on pause because you are simply trying to consume food. GP is slowly killing me.

Gastroparesis is more than just a paralyzed stomach. Gastroparesis has broken me, hurt me, tore me down, and made me feel so many emotions I don't ever want to feel.

Think this is too harsh? Think again.
This is the reality of thousands all over the world who are fighting for a normal life.

GP is a battle that's effected my life in many negative ways but also positive. GP is making me stronger. GP is the reason I'm closer to my family than I've ever been. GP is the reason I've learned the real meaning behind "in sickness and in health" GP is why I want to be a nurse. GP is a challenge that's given me strength and courage. GP is tough but, I am tougher. GP is why my fiancé and I have dates next to the toilet. GP is being able to see life through a new perspective. GP is why I've met so many brave warriors. GP is what makes me weak but therefore I am strong.

These are the quotes of the many living with Gastroparesis who deserve a cure more than anything.

*Thank you to my GP sisters for allowing me to use their life experiences to write this.*

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm a Super Tubie

Today is Day 3 of Feeding Tube Awareness Week! My feeding tube has given me my life back! I was able to play soccer with my feeding tube and YES my NG-tube too I played soccer.  I can't play right now because of my central line but I will play again! I've connected with so many friends over the last year who also have feeding tubes and it is amazing to see the strength we all carry. I want people to be more aware of feeding tubes because not many people know what they are or they freak out when they learn that I have one and stare at me like I have six heads!! Feeding tubes are NOT scary! My feeding tube only helps me live and thrive! I want people to understand that I can do anything they can do I just can't eat like they can. I want those who are thrown into a situation like mine to be able to understand what a tube is and not be afraid of it. For them to feel like they are not alone and just because they have a tube it isn't an end of the world situation! I don't want anyone to be ashamed of their tube. For me I refuse to be ashamed of something that keeps me alive. You feel weird and different, "not normal" because you have a feeding tube and I hate that we have to feel that way. Everyone needs to be aware!! A feeding tube has given me my life back!! No it doesn't take the disease away it gives me a chance to live a good life with my disease! If you have any questions ever just ask me and I will answer them! :) Happy Feeding Tube Awareness Week! Please raise awareness for me, Tyler, and the many others out there!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teens with Feeding Tubes

I uploaded the Teens with Feeding Tubes video for 2014 today! Feeding Tube Awareness Week starts tomorrow! I hope everyone enjoys the video! I know I had a wonderful time making it! Also please remember to wear GREEN on Valentine's Day to raise awareness for my disease(Gastroparesis) Let's make this Feeding Tube Awareness Week amazing!!

Brynn and Michaela Feeding Tube Awareness: