Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm a Super Tubie

Today is Day 3 of Feeding Tube Awareness Week! My feeding tube has given me my life back! I was able to play soccer with my feeding tube and YES my NG-tube too I played soccer.  I can't play right now because of my central line but I will play again! I've connected with so many friends over the last year who also have feeding tubes and it is amazing to see the strength we all carry. I want people to be more aware of feeding tubes because not many people know what they are or they freak out when they learn that I have one and stare at me like I have six heads!! Feeding tubes are NOT scary! My feeding tube only helps me live and thrive! I want people to understand that I can do anything they can do I just can't eat like they can. I want those who are thrown into a situation like mine to be able to understand what a tube is and not be afraid of it. For them to feel like they are not alone and just because they have a tube it isn't an end of the world situation! I don't want anyone to be ashamed of their tube. For me I refuse to be ashamed of something that keeps me alive. You feel weird and different, "not normal" because you have a feeding tube and I hate that we have to feel that way. Everyone needs to be aware!! A feeding tube has given me my life back!! No it doesn't take the disease away it gives me a chance to live a good life with my disease! If you have any questions ever just ask me and I will answer them! :) Happy Feeding Tube Awareness Week! Please raise awareness for me, Tyler, and the many others out there!

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