Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Camp

I went to CCK on Saturday for camp for a week and I had an amazing time with no major medical issues. It was so much fun!! I made some amazing friends that will last a lifetime. Anyway now I am home and resting. I'm exhausted we spent every single waking minute doing something it was tiring. On Wednesday night on of the staff members made me an ICEE that was Michaela Safe. I loved it so much. It makes me happy when people actually care enough to take their time and do things for me. Nothing else to do now that I am home. Just a lot of resting. I feel too tired to do anything so I'll probably sit around on the TV all day catching up on my TV series. No major appointments are coming up. At least I don't think so....My birthday is in 13 days though!!! AHHH I'm so happy. If I really want to I can take my permit test but I'm not really interested in driving but I'll probably just do it anyway. Anyway I am so happy to be home and now I can rest. Good Night to all. <3

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