Thursday, June 9, 2016

What If It Were You?

What if it were you scouring the Internet?
A search for the mystery inside your broken body
An answer to the aches and pain
A type of pain that Band-Aids and kisses couldn’t fix

What if it were you who knew something was wrong
But not even the doctors were sure
If they didn’t have an answer who would?
Did they even believe this pain was true?

What if it was you fighting for your most basic right?
The right to life
Is that even fair?
Truth is nothing ever is

What if it were you enduring the unimaginable?
Endless pain, Numberless needle pokes
Helpless doctors, Countless procedures
All while being defenseless against your own body

What if it were you crying,
Trying to remain above water.

Could you do it?
Just for a moment,
Try to picture it being you.

Try to picture being me.


  1. I love your poem Michaela. :)

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