Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back To Reality

It's was a great weekend and I was sad to see it to come to an end and we have to go back to reality but everyone does eventually. Friday we drove 6 hours to Kentucky for the retreat weekend at The Center for Courageous Kids. Friday night was introduction, games, and some dinner. The games were really fun and we found some of the people we knew and hung out with them. Saturday we woke up bright and early and did the early morning activity before breakfast  After breakfast I went swimming while everyone else wanted to go fishing. Kiley caught a huge fish and while I played volleyball with a new friend. Lunch came around and the guy in charge made some noodles for me that I had brought from home so I could eat! During lunch I also met a boy name Tyler who is my age and has a feeding tube. He was shy but it was still cool to actually meet some one else like me. Soon we did some arts and crafts for the rest  of the afternoon. At dinner they had a snow cone machine with safe flavoring!!!! YAY! It tasted amazing. We had a dance party while the parents went to the bowling alley and talked. I danced with Kendyn and Amelia. Tyler was way too tired and just sat down and watched everyone. Kendyn is an amazing dancer!!! He was so funny to watch. Sunday was the last day and we got to sleep in. I think everyone was a little thrown off by the time change and we got to brunch a little late but oh well. We also went to the camp store to buy t-shirts. I got a shirt that said CCK STRONG. It looks really cool! After that we went horseback riding. That was cool. There was a boy in a wheelchair and he was even able to ride the horse. I thought that was amazing. Only at this camp would this child would ever be able to ride a horse! <3 We signed the banner and picked up are crafts and it was closing. We took pictures and it was sad to leave. Another six hour car ride and we are home. Tyler is extremely tired and isn't feeling the greatest. I think my infection has spread to my lungs as I am now having trouble breathing and hacking up a storm. We still aren't really sure about bread. Mom told me to pull it for a while until I feel better and try again. Now it is time to sleep for the next few days! I am exhausted! I hope everyone else is doing good! Keep fighting! <3

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