Sunday, March 3, 2013

Twas The Day Before Surgery...

Twas The Day Before Surgery! How exciting? We have to be at the hospital at 6am! :( So we are leaving the house at 5:15!! So I will be waking up early for an 8am surgery. I went to church this morning and had a great time. Confirmation went well too. Then we went to Rachel's apartment for food!! I am finally able to eat an average meal. average as plain macaroni noodles can get. NO PAIN AGAIN!!! :D Tomorrow will be the last day with this food trail and I'm really gonna consider it a pass already!!! Anyway we ate lunch there and left for ice skating. I am a good ice skater if I do say so myself. I skated around with Aksel for the whole time until I got trucked by some old guy! OUCH!! That hurt and I am so glad I decided to disconnect from my tube feeds right before or that tube would have been ripped right out of me! That would have been bad! Then I took it easy for the rest of the time. Went home ate some more noodles. Skype with the most awesome person ever! Christine!! haha My microphone isn't working so we had an interesting time trying to figure it all out. Pictures on Instagram for those who follow Christine and I there. Now to finish up feeds for the night and then I am NPO after midnight. I may end up staying up all night since I never get to bed till 3am anyway? Last day with the PEG tube and I am glad to see it go. I hate how the PEG sticks out and all that it is annoying. So glad to get the AMT mini button. A pretty awesome day before surgery if you ask me. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad when I wake up. It shouldn't but you never know. I will be posting about my crazy complex life on this thing you call a blog. :) Hope you enjoy!

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