Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hospital Life

Laying in a hospital bed attached to tubes and wires. I think that's how most people like to spend their Thursday nights right? I got admitted on Tuesday night. First I wasn't able to go back to school on Tuesday morning and we waited for a call back from GI we went for IV fluids and we would just chat with GI. We grabbed labs just to be safe and sure enough we got a call that night by the on-call gi that I had to be admitted because I was extremely dehydrated and all my other labs where all over the place. Not very good at all. We didn't expect to be admitted till Wednesday.  Finally rehydrated my labs still aren't stable. Feeds just got started(it's a Joey pump) For all those tube feeders out there you know my pain. My weight has taken a gigantic drop so no one is happy about that at all. It is gonna take a long time to get back up there again sadly. They are trying to manage my pain finally!! I'm happy about that! It's not going so well but they are at least trying to get my migraine under control. Tomorrow I will have a gastric emptying scan done to see if my stomach functions and empties properly hopefully all will go well. Tyler is coming down to the hospital too tomorrow for a visit! Everyone here is just referring  me as "Tyler's sister" Yeah I'm stuck here this time not Tyler sorry. I'm just happy to not be NPO tonight so I can have some ice chips.

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