Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mitochondrial Disease

I can sit here and tell you all the awful statistics and facts about Mitochondrial Disease and how it rips families apart but that would mean nothing unless you actually experience Mitochondrial Disease for yourself. Mito is like taking out your car battery and replacing it with two double AA batteries. It;s obviously not going to function well and becomes overworked very quickly. That is similar to what a person who has Mitochondrial Disease feels like. Organs failing right in front of your eyes. Being told your child has a rare disease and you can do nothing about it. No treatment. No cure. Watching your child suffer in a world full of pain and fatigue. Having their bodies basically shutdown in front of your eyes. Holding them while they scream in pain. Telling them that everything will be okay and the pain will go away soon...but will it? Having to tell your child's brothers and sisters that their sister or brother will be going to heaven soon.The fear in their eyes and the pain the experience everyday. A Mom and a Dad thankful that their child survived the night. Another family grieving the loss of their child. Mitochondrial Disease is real and this is a reality for so many families battling this disease every day. Currently there is no treatment and no cure. One day we will find one but that cure needs to come soon.

To learn more about mitochondrial disease you can visit The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation's website or MitoAction's webiste.

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