Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dear Younger Me

When I was younger I never expected this to happen to me because it was always my brother who was sick. Clearly life has other plans in store. This struggle has made me. The experiences, adventures, and opportunities have shown me what life is really all about and not too many people get to understand life on this scale during their own lifetime much less as a teenager.

This is my final project in one of my classes at school. We had to write a poem that was a letter to your younger or future self which included a multimedia project. Words are listed below! I hope you like it.

Dear Younger Me,

You don’t know this yet, but life will be a battle
So, play your heart out
Love a little deeper
And live for the little things

Soon life won’t be so carefree anymore
It was just another Saturday soccer game
But you never knew it would be your last
Just a few days later you’ll be in a hospital bed

You never saw this coming
You will ask the question: Why?
You’ll ask so many times, but no one knows why
Things weren’t supposed to get worse
But they did
It happened so fast and you had no control

The coming years will be a fight for your life
Surgeries, diagnoses, doctors, procedures, pain
But also love
And loved you are
You have an army marching behind you
They will carry you every step of the way

You’ll feel lost
And misunderstood

However, you are much more than just another sad story
Your story is one of faith, loss, hope, and survival
You will make this story beautiful

Your life is a story
And it will make an impact
No one should have to fight this fight
And you want to make that happen

You were dealt a real bad hand
But always have hope
Because hope will make you fight for your life

Keep on fighting,


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