Friday, November 29, 2013


After a week in the hospital I will be heading home! I was admitted last Thursday for my migraines because they got worse after my surgery. We started a new treatment which failed. We have tried several other medications including pain meds and nothing has worked so for now I will be going home because they cannot do anything else for me here. The doctors have sort of run out of options and ideas on what to do next. I will be headed to Atlanta shortly to see a pain specialist, Nationwide Children's hospital to go see a neurologist there also their GI team, and an adult neurologist local will try Botox injections to see if that can help. For now that's really all our plan is because we don't know what to do. It has been an extremely emotional hospital stay that has definitely taken a toll on me. I hope being out of the hospital and trying to manage at home will help me with all this. About to go home! Good bye!!!

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  1. I got the Botox injections before! You will need atleast two rounds before you notice a big difference, the definitely lessen the frequency of migraines! Hope it helps you <3