Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Motility Testing

You know what sucks? Motility testing. Let me tell you it is not pretty nor is it a fun test to go through. The procedure itself went well the probes were placed but I again woke up with a major migraine even though this time we did not use propofol. The eight hour test went under way about an hour after I was moved from recovery. My nurse was wonderful in the motility suite! I really did like her. We do not have any results from the test yet. Meeting with the doctor tomorrow to go over those. I did get to eat food today!!! Yes you heard me real FOOD! I regret it now because of how bad the pain is but you know. I had a cookie, a cupcake, and a few sips of a milkshake(I didn't like it much). I cried because I got to eat you honestly don't know how good it is to take a cookie after not eating one for 14 months. I haven't even had any real food since like July? MY nurses even sang Happy Birthday to me! I got my cake finally 7 months late! lol You know how good that feels? Well until you start feeling so sick before you even finish a cookie! Finally after eight long hours they took the colonic manometry out but I am stuck with the one that goes into the hole where my feeding tube is until I can get it replaced to my GJtube in the IR tomorrow morning. I will be having more motilty testing in the AM. After the test I have been feeling so so sick. We are draining my g portion of the catheter where my feeding tube should be but it's not helping. I was told I would get pain meds are the test but they lied and have now refused. So I am super lucky to be me! NOT!! I have gotten IV Zofran, Tylenol, and Benadryl which hasn't helped. I've had an allergic reaction to the food I ate earlier and a rash appeared all over my body. Thank God  I will be discharged tomorrow(Wednesday)! I am ready to get out of here! So sick of this place. I have not had a good experience today. Seeing neurology on Thursday then headed home. I hope the doctors have some answers for us and are able to help me at least. Since everything has seemed to go downhill today. I am still wide awake and in a ton of pain at 12:15am even several hours after my nightly dose of ambian. Pray we can manage my pain tonight and I will be able to get some sleep. For now since I'm wide awake I'll be watching "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" Anybody seen it before? Is it good? This is my first time watching it!
No Fear. Just Faith.
Romans 8:18.

Can't wait to be home!!!!

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