Friday, January 17, 2014

This Journey

Tomorrow we leave for Nationwide Children's Hospital. Our 9 hour trek to Ohio will start bright and early. I have so many mixed emotions going on through my head, I'm happy, excited, scared, sad, and angry. While there I will see the Neurology and Gastroenterology team at Nationwide. I'll be having surgery specifically the same motility testing that Tyler had done which caused a gastric perforation. Although I am terrified that may happen to me I'm also even more terrified about what might happen if we never find answers. This testing could give us some answers to maybe help me. Or maybe even help Tyler. Like what if they could find something that helps me and then give it to Tyler and it helps him? All the doctors are talking about how we have the same "genes" it's gotta work somehow? Too many emotions to even think. I haven't entirely processed it all. I mean I know we are going but I don't know what to think about it, what to expect, or how I feel about everything. It's just a lot going on. Sunday after we get there I will be meeting up with one of my amazing friends Kaitlyn! At least we will be able to have some fun along with it! I do have some boring school work though too. BOO!! I am still awake now just thinking. Just thinking about what comes next or what is going to happen tomorrow. I am ready to start this new chapter and am very hopeful that these new doctors may be able to "fix me." I think that would be a lovely thing. More importantly I am ready to have my life back. Maybe I will get back into soccer, be able to shower on my own, go to school like a normal kid, or care for myself. How amazing would that be. I'll be updating at the Ronald Mcdonald House once we get there! Have a good weekend everyone! Please keep us in your prayers this week! Pray for safe travels, my siblings, all the doctors and nurses who will take care of me, but also pray for my parents because I know they need their worries to be set aside right now too. <3

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