Monday, June 16, 2014

Donate Blood

Did you know less than 7% of the world donates blood? There is nothing more I have ever wanted to do in this world than donate blood. When you turn 16 with a parent's permission you are allowed to donate assuming you meet all the qualities. I turn 16 on Thursday. I have a parent's permission however I do not meet the qualities. Due to my disease I have become anemic and several other vitamin deficiencies that come along with not being able to eat. Mainly my iron deficiency. The iron deficiency had caused anemia so I needed oral iron supplements into my J-tube. I was not absorbing the medication and was referred to Hematology where I received IV Iron infusions. I don't remember how many I've had but I haven't needed one since April. As we believe my numbers have finally stabilized as to why I haven't received any infusions. My numbers are good and we think now my body has gotten itself back to normal and hope it will produce iron on it's own now. Low iron can lead to a number of other problems and can be a result of many other conditions. Mine being Gastroparesis. This means I am not allowed to donate blood. I really wanted to have this opportunity as I have seen many personally be dependent upon blood products. Patients with cancer, blood disorders, and trauma victims all rely on blood as many others with other different conditions. I am asking all my friends who meet the requirements to donate blood if they are able in honor of me! Although, my wish can't become true you can help those who need the blood by donating for me! Please remember that although you may be denied the first time you have tried to donate blood you may now be eligible either now or in the near future!

For more information on blood donation and facts please click here.

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