Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FIFA World Cup and Disabilities

While on Facebook today someone had shared and article that was posted yesterday regarding a few disabled people at the world cup. The article describes a woman who is in a wheelchair sitting in the handicap parking standing in front of her chair. To read the entire article click here

Many in the chronic illness community are appalled by the ignorance of the authors about this blog. Not everyone in a wheelchair is paralyzed or unable to walk. Did you know 96% of chronic illnesses are invisble? This is why they call our disease an invisible illness. Maybe we look just like you and talk just like you but if you turn our bodies inside out we wouldn't be the same. What I am trying to say is disabled people don't have to look disabled. I mean look at some of the pictures posted of me throughout my blog or on Facebook! I think I look fairly health minus all the tubes sticking out of my body.

Those who use wheelchairs use them instead of walking because they are unable to walk long distances or their legs just don't work right and there are many who are paralyzed. Those who have difficulties walking long distances or issues with their legs are able to walk some. There is a chance some can only go short distances with assistance from walkers, crutches, other people, etc...

One thing the world does not understand is there are many different degrees and types of disabilities. While a person with Cerebral Palsy may not be severely effected by their disease, another person with the same condition may be completely wheelchair bound. As you know my brother has mitochondrial disease and his in a wheelchair for when we walk any longer than a community distance. His little body has no energy to walk that far before his legs start giving out. Yes Tyler can walk, play, and dance. However he does need the chair to conserve his energy. The whole "but you have walked before" stuff doesn't apply!
While I do not want anyone judging those with disabilities who need a wheelchair. I also feel those who are "faking" should be caught and punished for it. Yes we need to accommodate those with special needs but we also want to be careful. The article claims there are multiple pictures of fans in wheelchairs standing and cheering on the team as they jump out of their wheelchairs. They believe concession tickets for the disabled were bought by those without disabilities due to the slim number of tickets allowed. Brazilian authorities are investigating the situation due to dozens of those with disabilities were seen standing.

I agree while SOME may have been faking their reason to use a wheelchair. However there are many who did get tickets that were disabled. I hate how the article claims that if you are in a wheelchair you can not stand. The reason many are wanting these disabled tickets is because one free ticket is allowed for that one specific person who is in a wheelchair due to their disability. There's roughly 30 different photos posted on social media sites showing those in wheelchairs standing and currently authorities are investigating 22 of them.

As many look at the situation there is an advantage to being in a wheelchair due to the free ticket. Clearly many are taking advantage of that due to the limited number of tickets and the ability to make a profit by selling tickets on the black market. If this was me I would not want my picture to by posted all over social media sites just because I was able to stand out of my chair. These people took photos to show those who they believe are faking yet they don't know if that person really is faking due to the fact they don't know that person on a personal level.

Those who are faking need to get in trouble with the law I completely agree! Yet in the process we are also pointing fingers at those who are really disabled. The truth is we don't know the entire story about what really happened or if this person really needs a wheelchair. I hate how people think of those with special needs fake their disease just because of those idiots who think it is cool and fun to lie about something like needing a chair. As I am sure your mother has said before do not judge a book by its cover! In today's day and age we don't know who is and which person has what disabilities or even if they do have one.

All I ask is that people understand not everyone in a wheelchair is paralyzed or completely unable to walk. There are many different types of disabilities and everyone is different on how their disease effects them. While there are some who fake their disabilities there are many of us who do really have disabilities! Please don't judge us based on another person you have met. Everyone has different disabilities just like everyone has different personalities.

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  1. The thing to remember is most if not all stadiums have multiple levels of accessible seating: wheelchair seating, mobility impaired seating, and accessible aisle seating.

    Wheelchair seating is designed for those unable to transfer to other types of seating. That is to say, those confined to their chairs. Mobility impaired seating is in stadium style seats that do not require navigating stairs to reach their location. Some stadiums may have extra wide seats and/or additional leg room for mobility impaired seating. But most are just normal seats not requiring stairs. Accessible aisle seating typically has a moveable armrest or no armrest to make getting in/out of the seat easier. Accessible aisle seats can be located anywhere in the stadium with some requiring navigating stairs.

    Lastly, all major stadiums will offer wheelchair service to/from ones seat. Same as wheelchair service at any major airport.